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Movies in Our Memories


It's a Mad...World, was this the last gasp of Vaudeville? Silvers, Frawley and Burns must have been its last ambassadors.

Yeah, this is the year, '63, that it came out. "The Birds" came out this year, too.




Then there was poor old Ray Milland, he of The Lost Weekend. How did he allow himself to become involved with these rubbish movies? He also appeared in a film centred on a character with two heads. Miland's was one of those heads. When interviewed, he expressed appropriate embarrassment. If memory serves, Don Rickels was Milland's character's promoter in the x-ray piece, a straight role compared to his later work. The feeble plot surrounds putting drops into his eyes to provide "x-ray" vision. Er, mind you, we elderly could do with a second head and something to return our eyes to the acuity they had in 1963!

Don Rickles? Yes. His character was the performer's manager, wasn't he?

Have a look at the trailer here.

Let's remember Ray Milland in happier days, this way.

Here's the trailer for "The Lost Weekend". This frankness about alcoholism was pretty strong stuff at the time. The film served as something of a documentary in showing the shenanigans a sot would get up to in order to hide his habit.



Speaking of junk movies, how about William Asher's stuff? This was the year of Beach Party. It's sole redeeming quality was Annette Funicello. Rickels was in this, too. Harvey Lembeck, "Corporal Barbella" to many of us, appeared as a motorcycle hard. Walter Elias Disney still held Annette's contract and specified the demure bathing suits she wore in those films. This poster would not have met his specification. Perhaps Asher engaged the same painter as did Mankiewitz for Cleopatra (below)!

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